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Special Ed Returns To Los Angeles
Special Ed headed back to California and had a blast!

Senses Fail Plays The Last Warped Tour
The last Warped Tour came through Phoenix and Senses Fail was on it!

Special Ed Returns To The East Coast
Special Ed recently returned to the east coast. Inside, you'll find the details of the adventure.

Senses Fail Rolls Through Mesa
The Senses Fail tour continued with a stop in Mesa.

Senses Fail Starts Their National Tour
Senses Fail kicked off a new tour and I was there to see it.

2017 In Review

2017 is almost over!

Special Ed's year was pretty crazy. He changed jobs and industries this year, so that was a big impact to his free time and income. The health issues that he was experiencing from stress disappeared. He spent most of the year in Phoenix, focused on the new job and keeping his head low. This can be seen in the few updates to the site this year.

Mike Schey had a busy year. He had a number of personal changes come up and started a few new journeys. He's been busy, but hopefully will be back in full force in 2018.

Toco was found earlier in the year when Ed found some old Format videos. Toco pitched in by helping to get them out to the group. He's a good dude.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. We expect to see him starting his run for the 2020 presidential election soon, therefore showing that he is still alive.

2017 was a weird year for a lot of people. 2018 should be a nice rebound year

The Punk In Drublic Tour In Phoenix
Bad Religion and NOFX came to town and I had a blast!

Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies Roll Through Phoenix
The Gimmies came through Phoenix and I saw them for the first time!

Special Ed's Last Work Trip To Denver
Special Ed traveled to Denver one last time for work. Details are inside.

Senses Fail Celebrates 15 Years Of Still Searching
Senses Fail came through to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Still Searching. Check out how the day was!

Special Ed Gets A New Job
After a really long time spent in retail, Special Ed got himself a new job. He's excited to be doing a different type of work and learning a new industry.

New Merchandise!
We at the World of Ed have decided to design a shirt to honor Ed and his Jersey heritage. The design above is available on a black cotton t-shirt. The world will think more of you if you are sporting one. Contact Ed if you want one. Join the World of Ed.

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