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World of Ed Turns 15!
What started 15 years ago over beers has blossomed into an amazing 15 year old site. Thank you to all of the fine constituents that support us.

Senses Fail At It Again
Buddy Nielsen singing into a microphone while Gavin Caswell plays guitar.
Senses Fail is out on a co-headlining tour with The Amity Affliction. They came through Phoenix and I was there to check it out.

2018 In Review
2018 is about to close out!

Special Ed's year was pretty interesting. He had a few medical things come up that were thankfully able to be resolved quickly. He did a little more traveling this year as well. He was able to visit family on the east coast, travel the west coast a bit, and see more of Arizona. There were a number of things that he wished were different, but that is par for the course. He had a safe year, so he's happy.

Mike Schey wasn't heard from this year. AS the WOE crew ages, we sadly don't get to see each other as much as Special Ed wishes was possible.

Toco was also missing this year. Special Ed's resolution for 2019 is to track that guy down and drink a beer with him.

Greyskull continues to be MIA and is very missed. We expect to see him starting his run for the 2020 presidential election soon, therefore showing that he is still alive.

2018 was a weird year again. 2019 will hopefully be a year full of positives and growth.

Special Ed Returns To Los Angeles
The courtyard where Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered.
Special Ed headed back to California and had a blast!

Senses Fail Plays The Last Warped Tour
Buddy Nielsen standing in front of the crowd.
The last Warped Tour came through Phoenix and Senses Fail was on it!

Special Ed Returns To The East Coast
Special Ed and 4 friends standing and smiling.
Special Ed recently returned to the east coast. Inside, you'll find the details of the adventure.

Senses Fail Rolls Through Mesa
Buddy Nielsen singing and dancing.
The Senses Fail tour continued with a stop in Mesa.

Senses Fail Starts Their National Tour
Senses Fail on stage performing.
Senses Fail kicked off a new tour and I was there to see it.

New Merchandise!
We at the World of Ed have decided to design a shirt to honor Ed and his Jersey heritage. The design above is available on a black cotton t-shirt. The world will think more of you if you are sporting one. Contact Ed if you want one. Join the World of Ed.

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